Enterprise Projects

“Most clients engage with us because they require the technical expertise and experience to complete a large, multifaceted project usually, whilst maintaining critical processes or normal business continuity. RatwareUK have a team of MCSEs, Computer Systems Engineers, Network Engineers and Project Managers to ensure the job is completed on time, specification and budget.”

Below are some scenario projects we have undertaken:

Business Relocations

When your company has to relocate and if it hosts network equipment on site, RatwareUK can provide the following:

  • Management of telecoms services such as the relocation of ISDN and broadband circuits.
  • Structured cabling installed or existing cabling qualified with network test equipment.
  • Server and core network hardware shutdown, safely transported and re-established at the new location.
  • Technical matters, which you may not have thought of, attended to such as DNS changes to ensure all local services are running correctly.
  • On-the-ground support on your first day of service.

RatwareUK has a wealth of experience with moving clients to new premises, ensuring minimal downtime and complete business continuity. For a initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Server Upgrades, Migrations or Virtualisation

The most important consideration for any business IT environment is an upgrade and renewal strategy. Whether it’s providing more resources, upgrading due to software end-of-life, general hardware renewal or a thin client virtualisation project, RatwareUK have them team, experience and tools to assist. Here are some examples of work completed on a regular basis:

  • Legacy Microsoft Server 2003 migration to Microsoft Server 2012
  • Active Directory and domain migrations
  • Terminal Server or Citrix Desktop business integration
  • Thin client roll outs
  • Virtualistation of physical machines, including Hyper-V and VMWare conversions
  • SQL Server migrations
  • MySQL and Apache Server migrations
  • Server resource upgrades (RAM, Storage, Interface Cards)

RatwareUK will engage and consult with your organisation to ensure upgrades and migrations and completed without any business downtime. For an initial consultation, please contact us.

Windows Migration

Private Clouds

RatwareUK offer a range of bench tested private cloud solutions. Whether you want to host the cloud yourself with vSphere or co-locate, we will be able to provide you with the unknown answers to all your technical questions. The following is an example of a private cloud implementation that we have created and provide on-going support for:

  • An organisation has a number of virtual machines in a private vSphere network located in a tier-1 UK datacentre. The client has several vShpere servers on site providing a real-time, read only copy of the machines in the datacentre. From this solution, the customer achieves the ultra-fast local connectivity they need, great site-site communications, a continuous fail-over disaster recover solution and the resilience you would expect from a distributed national IT infrastructure.

Cloud Migrations

Cloud computing for business is a serious alternative to hosting your own equipment on site. Not only will it save your business capital expenditure and on-the-ground headaches, but it can also provide you superb value added functionality and an immediate disaster recovery solution. RatwareUK have completed many cloud migration projects, whereby we’ve taken existing physical equipment and migrated them or their services to the cloud. Examples as follows:

  • Migrated a entire enterprise IT infrastructure on site, to the cloud. This included Microsoft Servers running Active Directory, File/Print, SQL Server and Terminal Server. The migration provided the company with an instant upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Server, saved any capital expenditure on new hardware and resolved an on-going system backup headache.
  • Migrated 214 Microsoft Exchange Server users to Hosted Exchange. Seamlessly without any downtime for the organisation. The company was able to shut down their legacy Exchange Server and benefit from hassle-free Exchange administration and spam free mailboxes.

For more an initial consultation and feasibility discussion, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Specification and Procurement

RatwareUK are highly experienced in the specification and procurement of IT equipment for business. We have accounts with leading international distributors, enabling us to get the best pricing for IT equipment as well as the ability to manage complex large orders. Ratware UK are a:

  • Dell and Lenovo Partner
  • Draytek Enterprise Partner
  • Tech Data Distributor

Cisco WiFi Networks

Cisco is a premium hardware manufacturer that provides unrivalled networking products. RatwareUK have completed numerous Cisco network installs, including the popular Aironet products. Examples as follows:

  • Provided a secure wireless network for a private hospital, allowing consultants to use wireless devices whilst moving around wards seamlessly.
  • Provided a guest access network for a city centre apartments building, spanning 8 floors and covering 90 rooms.
  • Provided a WLAN in a large warehouse, facilitating multiple device connectivity such as wireless tablets and barcode scanners.

Cisco Aironet is a powerful WLAN implementation with a fully customisable controller which can issue multiple SSIDs across many stations. The system also provides seamless handover, meaning it can be used in conjunction with wireless VoIP systems.

Fibre Optic Links

RatwareUK provide a complete fibre optic network design, install and support service. Popular projects amongst enterprise customers consist of the following:

  • Aggregated long distance, armored fibre links
  • Fibre optic circuit switch network for switch uplinking
  • Design and install of fibre optic patch cabinets
  • Cleaning, troubleshooting and qualification of fibre links

Please contact us for further information.