Fixed Line Products

Many of our existing customers find it easier to have RatwareUK manage their fixed line services. With a UK based call centre, dedicated account managers and access to your end user equipment; RatwareUK are ideally placed to provide better support than the customer would receive ordinarily direct with BT.

Analogue Lines

Managed by RatwareUK and maintained by BT Openreach


ISDN and digital services managed by RatwareUK, provided by BT Openreach


xDSL Broadband Products managed by RatwareUK provided by Zen Internet


Fibre to the Cabinet, managed by RatwareUK provided by Zen Internet


Employing Lease Cost Routing to get the best possible call rates

Support and Costs

Using BT’s wholesale line rental systems, RatwareUK can raise orders for new services and escalate faults without you needing to speak with any other party. This provides your business with unparalleled support for the PBX hardware or internet access infrastructures on your site.

As a client, you will also benefit from the latest wholesale call tariffs. On average, new customers save approximately 40% in comparison to BT Retail.

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