Ethical Policy

RatwareUK operates a voluntary ethical policy, and welcomes suggestions from clients on possible additions to our policy which is detailed below:

Commercial Behavior

  • We provide a value added service for our clients and expect to generate a moderate profit from our work.

Paperless Office

  • We encourage our team to view documents on screen where possible.
  • We encourage our team to communicate and exchange ideas by email.
  • We encourage our team to present documents to clients electronically.

Commitment to Recycling

  • We recycle electrical goods, where possible.
  • We recycle paper, where possible.
  • We recycle glass and plastic, where possible.
  • We recycle used printer cartridges, where possible.

Exempt Business

We do not carry out work for any client we know to be involved in:

  • Animal testing of cosmetic, household or other products.
  • Intensive farming methods such as caged egg production.
  • Blood sports of any kind
  • The fur trade.
  • Supply/manufacture/transfer of arms.