Vulnerability Scanning

Protect your internet facing servers and firewalls with regular, third party vulnerability scanning and patch management reporting.

Actively detect and patch your servers against the latest vulnerabilities

Our scanning systems are constantly updated with the latest vulnerabilities. Our Scan Report then highlights your vulnerabilities, in detail, and indicates how a resolution can be implemented. If you opt for monthly reports, a vulnerability trend is also plotted.

Protect your corporate website from attacks and data leakage

Your website presence is often an integral and functional part of your business – so protect it. There are countless web service and script vulnerabilities out there. Our blended assessment will detect them all – we even review the quality of your websites code. Website vulnerabilities can lead to embarrassing data leakage, phishing attacks and unauthorised access. If you or someone else develops your website – let RatwareUK scan it.

Satisfy your Managers

Part of our Scan Report is suitable for managers. It tracks changes in your systems – indicating old and newly discovered vulnerabilities. This provides an overview of the company’s e-security and highlights the technical team’s progress.  It will contribute greatly to your organisation’s IT strategy, providing assurance and integrity.

Develop your Technical Team

Our Scan Report will allow your technical team to see where their software or hardware configuration is creating vulnerabilities. It will help create a security culture, training staff how to set up systems and processes that are secure.

Ensure your hosting provider has implemented best security practices

If you have other parties hosting your services, for example, you have a hosted Exchange, hosted backup or web hosting server, how do you know your provider is maintaining your systems with the latest vulnerabilities patches and security measures? Use our monthly scans for additional assurance and to push your provder into pro-active security patching.

Assure your customers of e-business integrity

If you are responsible for e-commerce websites, assure your current and future customers by scanning with RatwareUK monthly.

Satisfy Data Protection Laws

The Data Protection Act 1998, states that, as an organisation, you are responsible for the safe-keeping of data. If your data gets leaked or hacked, you could be investigated for a breach of the Data Protection Act. If your systems are insecure and vulnerable, you could be prosecuted.

Map your hosts and safely decommission services

Larger organisations can have trouble keeping track of their internet facing hosts. Some servers can go live and then be forgotten about, left unpatched and vulnerable. RatwareUK can provide a Network Discovery Assessment, mapping out all your available hosts, helping make sure systems which are meant to be undiscoverable stay hidden.