ESET Business Class Antivirus and Security

ESET is an outstanding product in the antivirus industry and RatwareUK are ESET Partners. ESET is a lightweight, powerful and low-cost antivirus and security solution for enterprise servers and end-points.


Pro Active Protection

Real-time protection using ESETs heuristic-based detection software.

Device Control

Ensures everything stored on CDs, DVDs, USB thumb drives and other external media don’t pose a threat when connected to your computer.

High Performance

High speeds and a small CPU footprint, keeps your PCs running smoothly.

Encrypted Scanning

Thoroughly scans content across all secure protocols (HTTPS and POP3S), including compressed files to uncover stealthier threats.


Available for Microsoft Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT. Alternative versions also available for Linux, MAC and Android.
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